Our regular Mass & Confession Schedule will resume Sunday, June 7th

Because of the capacity of our church and the size of our parish, we do not need to have sign up. If a non-parishioner asks if they can come to Sunday Mass, they must come to the 11:00 Mass.

Please enter through the door on St. Joseph side. Family will be given one disinfectant wipe by greeter to wipe down their pew.

At the time a second collection would normally be taken, the ushers will come and give you a fresh disinfectant wipe to clean pew before you leave. You may exit through any door but do not crowd. Please maintain social distancing when leaving church. Wait for the pathway to clear before leaving your pew. You may have to wait a while, please be patient. You may stay as long as you wish for your prayers of thanksgiving after Mass.

Members of the same household do not need to social distance. You can sit close in pew, do not need to space from family members when in line for Holy Communion, and can go to communion rail together.

Regarding Reception of Holy Communion

  • Those who cannot climb stairs can still receive in the first pews
  • Holy Communion will only be given at one rail
  • Sections will go up one at a time
    • Side section along wall by St. Joseph will go up first
    • Center section by St. Joseph will go up next
    • Then center section near Blessed Mother
    • Lastly the side section along wall by Blessed Mother will receive.
  • Please follow the markings on the floor to make sure that you do not get too close to the family in front of you while in line for Holy Communion.
  • A total of 3 people can be at the rail at one time unless they are of the same household and then the family can fill the rail.
  • After you have received please return to your pew.

Please also note the following:

  • Coffee and donuts remain cancelled.
  • Nobody is to go to the parish hall. Diocese does not want crowds inside or outside the church.
  • PSR Classes are cancelled until further notice. Teachers are working with their students remotely to prepare to receive the Sacraments.
  • Bulletins and propers are not permitted to be handed out. You will have to view the bulletin on our website. We will continue to email the bulletin to members.
  • All items in the vestibule are removed.
    • Chapel veils will not be available to use
    • Oremus newspaper can be obtained by contacting the office
  • Red booklets, hymnals, nothing is permitted to be in pews. Bring your missal for Mass. We have one black and one white missal available for sale in the parish office. Cost is $60 each. You may also view the missal on your electronic device at www.divinumofficium.com. Please make sure to silence your device.


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Will Resume Thursday, June 11, Feast of Corpus Christi
And Continue Weekly


Lastly, if you are sick, please do not come to church!


Contact the parish office if you have any questions or if you want your name added to receive the bulletin via postal mail. Cindy has returned to the office on a daily basis.