St. Rose News

  • Mark Your Calendar: Feb 24-26: Lenten Mission

    Fr. Vince Huber will be giving a Lent Mission on the evenings of February 24th, 25th, and 26th, beginning at 6:30 pm. Mission talks will last from 30-45 minutes, with confessions following each evening until the line stops. Mass times will remain the same. He will also offer the morning Mass on Saturday, the 27th.


    Feb 5 2021 - 4:48pm
  • Schedule Correction

    Thanksgiving Day November 26

    Mass will be at 7:30 am and there will be Benediction immediately following the Mass.

    Thursday Adoration is moved to Friday, November 27, and will begin at 1:00 pm and will end with Benediction at 6:00 pm.

    Nov 23 2020 - 7:28am
  • Adoration All Day on Election Day

    We will have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament all day on Tuesday, November 3rd. It will begin after the 7:00 am Mass and conclude with Benediction at 6:00 pm. Please come and spend time in prayer before Our Lord and pray for our country and for an end to abortion. A sign-up sheet is located in the vestibule for those who can commit to a particular hour.



    Oct 30 2020 - 3:21pm
  • Advent Mission at St. Rose

    Fr. Ed Brodsky, FSSP, will give an Advent Mission at St. Rose Parish beginning on Sunday, November 29th, at both morning Masses, and then continuing on with evening Masses and sermons on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We hope you mark your calendars and plan on attending.

    The schedule is as follows:

    Confessions at 5:30pm, Mass at 6:00pm (no sermon), mission conference at 7:00pm, followed by another round of confessions. The daily Mass schedule will remain unchanged, so the evening Masses will be in addition to normal Mass times.


    Oct 30 2020 - 12:55pm
  • Bishop Paprocki on Voting

    Bishop Paprocki on Voting

    Oct 7 2020 - 11:12am
  • Extra Mass on Thursday, June 11th

    This coming Thursday we will have an additional Mass to celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi. Thanks to Fr. Edgar it will be a sung Mass! The schedule for the day:

    • 7:00 am Mass as usual, followed by Adoration
    • Confessions 5:00 pm to 5:20 pm
    • 5:25 pm Simple Reposition, no Benediction
    • 5:30 pm Rosary
    • 6:00 pm Sung Mass, followed by Benediction, no Procession
    Jun 9 2020 - 9:05am
  • Guidelines from the Diocese for When Mass Resumes
    Jun 2 2020 - 8:33pm
  • Our regular Mass & Confession Schedule will resume Sunday, June 7th

    Because of the capacity of our church and the size of our parish, we do not need to have sign up. If a non-parishioner asks if they can come to Sunday Mass, they must come to the 11:00 Mass.

    Please enter through the door on St. Joseph side. Family will be given one disinfectant wipe by greeter to wipe down their pew.

    At the time a second collection would normally be taken, the ushers will come and give you a fresh disinfectant wipe to clean pew before you leave. You may exit through any door but do not crowd. Please maintain social distancing when leaving church. Wait for the pathway to clear before leaving your pew. You may have to wait a while, please be patient. You may stay as long as you wish for your prayers of thanksgiving after Mass.

    Members of the same household do not need to social distance. You can sit close in pew, do not need to space from family members when in line for Holy Communion, and can go to communion rail together.

    Regarding Reception of Holy Communion

    • Those who cannot climb stairs can still receive in the first pews
    • Holy Communion will only be given at one rail
    • Sections will go up one at a time
      • Side section along wall by St. Joseph will go up first
      • Center section by St. Joseph will go up next
      • Then center section near Blessed Mother
      • Lastly the side section along wall by Blessed Mother will receive.
    • Please follow the markings on the floor to make sure that you do not get too close to the family in front of you while in line for Holy Communion.
    • A total of 3 people can be at the rail at one time unless they are of the same household and then the family can fill the rail.
    • After you have received please return to your pew.

    Please also note the following:

    • Coffee and donuts remain cancelled.
    • Nobody is to go to the parish hall. Diocese does not want crowds inside or outside the church.
    • PSR Classes are cancelled until further notice. Teachers are working with their students remotely to prepare to receive the Sacraments.
    • Bulletins and propers are not permitted to be handed out. You will have to view the bulletin on our website. We will continue to email the bulletin to members.
    • All items in the vestibule are removed.
      • Chapel veils will not be available to use
      • Oremus newspaper can be obtained by contacting the office
    • Red booklets, hymnals, nothing is permitted to be in pews. Bring your missal for Mass. We have one black and one white missal available for sale in the parish office. Cost is $60 each. You may also view the missal on your electronic device at Please make sure to silence your device.


    Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    Will Resume Thursday, June 11, Feast of Corpus Christi
    And Continue Weekly


    Lastly, if you are sick, please do not come to church!


    Contact the parish office if you have any questions or if you want your name added to receive the bulletin via postal mail. Cindy has returned to the office on a daily basis.

    Jun 2 2020 - 8:33pm
  • Parish Letter on Confirmations and First Communions

    May 27, 2020

    To: All Who Attend Mass at St. Rose of Lima Church in Quincy, IL

    Re: Permission for Confirmation and First Communions

    I was glad to see that Bishop Paprocki recently "delegated all pastors and parochial administrators the faculty to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to children who were scheduled to have been confirmed by him this year, giving priority to those children who recently reached the use of reason, that is, those in about third grade, who were to have been fully initiated into the Church with the reception of Confirmation and First Eucharist this past Spring." The quote is taken from the diocesan website, I will put the entirety of the relevant text from the website at the end of this letter.

    Please read this letter carefully. There are some twists and turns in how this will all work out, and some real disappointments as well. However, I think all obstacles can be overcome in this situation.

    First, on the positive side, this allows us to proceed with confirmations (and, as needed, first communions) giving priority to those who recently reached the age of reason, as the diocesan website makes clear. This means the whole parish will not be put on hold, that first communions will not be delayed for a long time, and we will even be able to have a Mass with the confirmation/first communion ceremony.

    Now we come to the negatives, putting the most important ones first. This is only for members of the parish. I have not been delegated to do this for anyone who is not a member. This parish was set up as a non-territorial parish, so anyone in the entire Diocese of Springfield in Illinois can belong to it, no matter how far away he lives. But if you do not live in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, you are not actually a member of the parish. You belong to a parish in your diocese. Our non-territorial parish cannot include people who reside in other dioceses. This is one of those times when it pays to live in the boundaries of this diocese. The bishop, of course, after requesting permission from the bishop of another diocese, can confirm people not from his diocese. I have delegation to confirm only for people from the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois who are also members of my parish. Those of you who are left out by this may want to email or call me to discuss your options, which will be different for each situation.

    Secondly, we are limited by whatever size limitations the government of Illinois is imposing when the ceremony takes place. Right now the limit is 100 for the seating area of the church. Those with extra-large family and friend groups may have to do some trimming to the guest list.

    Thirdly, confirmation and first communion will be given to those who have been judged ready to receive the sacrament. Our preparation courses in PSR were cut just at the time when we were getting into special classes on confirmation. I have notified all of the PSR teachers working in sacramental preparation to tell them that each teacher will have to find a way to provide the necessary information to be studied, and a way to test each student. I left the way to do this up to each teacher. If you have not heard from your child's teacher in a few days you may contact him to learn more. If you want to schedule your child for confirmation (first communion) I will need to have received word from the teacher that he is fully qualified to receive the sacrament(s) in question.

    As with all the other stages in this slow re-opening of the state and the diocese, each stage presents its advantages and its problems. We will get through all of this, and I look forward to finding some way to get a traditional confirmation and first communion for every child willing to do the necessary work to be prepared for those most sacred things: sacraments of the Church. I realize that for those needing confirmation who are not from this diocese we just might have to wait until the bishop comes: we will see. I appreciate the great patience that all of you have shown so far, whether you are parishioners of St. Rose according to the Church's Code of Canon Law or not, and if we keep praying and offering this up, we will come through it successfully.

    Fr. Joseph Portzer
    Pastor of St. Rose of Lima Parish; Quincy, IL


    What follows is from the diocesan website:

    Confirmations and First Communion Masses

    Bishop Paprocki has delegated all pastors and parochial administrators the faculty to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation to children who were scheduled to have been confirmed by him this year, giving priority to those children who recently reached the use of reason, that is, those in about third grade, who were to have been fully initiated into the Church with the reception of Confirmation and First Eucharist this past Spring.

    After such children have been confirmed and made their First Holy Communion, pastors may confirm other children and adults who previously have received their First Holy Communion but have not yet been confirmed, giving priority to those finishing eighth grade this Spring or who are still in high school. If the parish is small enough, students completing 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade may also be confirmed, but if the parish is too large for the pastor to do them all within this calendar year, it may be necessary to delay them until next year.

    Although the ordinary minister of Confirmation is the bishop (canon 882), and it has not normally been Bishop Paprocki’s practice to delegate the faculty for priests to confirm as long as he is able to do so himself, the extraordinary nature of the novel coronavirus pandemic necessitates that an exception be made at this time for the spiritual benefit of those awaiting the reception of these sacraments, so that they may not be deprived of these sacramental graces any longer.

    Moreover, delegating pastors and parochial administrators the faculty to confirm during this time respects the restored order for the Sacraments of Initiation that we have begun implementing in our diocese. In this regard, please note that Declaration no. 6/Statute no. 80, adopted as particular law at our Fourth Diocesan Synod in 2017, provides as follows:

    The Sacraments of Christian Initiation shall be offered in the proper sequence (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) for children as well as for adults. To promote discipleship and stewardship as a way of life from an early age, those who are baptized as infants are to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist at about the age of reason, which in this Diocese will normally be in their third grade of elementary school, after they have been properly prepared and have made sacramental confession.

    In terms of scheduling, the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist are to be administered by the pastor or parochial administrator within the context of celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, while observing the governmental regulations for the size of public gatherings, for example, as long as the limit remains at ten people, this could be done at a Mass with two confirmandi, their sponsors and parents, plus the priest and a liturgical minister.

    Depending on the number of confirmandi in a parish, this could be scheduled at daily and Sunday Masses in the morning and/or evening, while observing the requirement that priests may not celebrate Mass more than twice on weekdays nor more than three times on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation (canon 905, §2).

    Some candidates for Confirmation and/or their parents may want to have the Sacrament administered to them by the bishop rather than by the pastor. Their wishes should be respected and their names forwarded to Bishop Paprocki’s secretary, Mrs. Laura Fjelstul, at, who will begin working on a new schedule for Bishop Paprocki to resume administering the Sacrament of Confirmation when the numerical restrictions have been eased.

    Last, all students who have prepared for Confirmation will not be required to re-do their course work and other preparation. 

    Jun 2 2020 - 6:18pm
  • Friday, May 29th, Confessions Cancelled

    We will be having a funeral at St. Rose this coming Friday, May 29th. Because of that Father needs to cancel Confessions for Friday and also needs to cancel the Communion Services scheduled for 12:40 pm and 1:10 pm. 

    Thank you for your understanding.



    May 26 2020 - 1:19pm