First Sunday in May Announcements: When Will Public Masses Begin?

Because of the legal action started by a small evangelical church called Beloved Church, which brought in the help of the legal group called the Thomas More Society, Governor Pritzker is allowing religious services, including them on his list of essential things, but limiting them to 10 people. At this time we are still awaiting a clarification from the Diocese of Springfield about this, since Bishop Paprocki's prohibition on public masses is still in effect.

We are already collecting names of people who would like to attend masses, and if you want to attend mass either on a weekday, a Sunday, or both, please email Fr. Portzer at

Be sure to specify which masses (weekday, Sunday or both) you want to attend. We will have separate lists, so that all who want to attend on Sundays will be put on the Sunday list, and attending mass on a weekday will not decrease your chances of attending a Sunday Mass. If just one family fills us up to the limit, only that family will be able to attend.

Once you attend a weekday mass, that will put you back at the bottom of the weekday mass list. Once you attend a mass on a Sunday, that will put you back on the bottom of the Sunday mass list. I will be able to add one Sunday mass without permission which will be at 1:00 PM, to say 4 masses or more on a Sunday I need special permission. All masses will necessarily be low masses.

That is all the information I can give for now, please watch our website and for further news from the diocese.