(If you would like to contribute pictures you have taken at St. Rose, please send them to photos@saintrosequincy.org, and let us know whether you would like to be credited. Photos from before the Latin Mass renovations are also welcome, for a historical page we are working on. Thank you.)


  • Archbishop Lucas and Father Devillers

    Installation of Archbishop Lucas

    The Installation of Archbishop George Lucas to the Omaha archdiocese, on July 22, attended by Fr. Devillers and several St. Rose members.

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  • Some of the Party-Goers

    Fr. Devillers's 24th Anniversary

    The members of St. Rose threw a surprise party for the 24th anniversary of Fr. D's ordination.

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  • Corpus Christi 14

    Corpus Christi 2009

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  • First Holy Communion

    First Holy Communion 2009

    The first First Communion in the new St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church.

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  • Risen Christ on the Altar

    Easter 2009

    Photos from Good Friday through Divine Mercy Sunday

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  • Altar Decorated for Christmas

    Christmas 2008

    Some photos of St. Rose from the Christmas season.

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  • paul-001

    First Mass

    Photos from the first Latin Masses, said on November 9, 2008.

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  • More Music and Dancing
  • Rag Tag Irish Band
  • VERY Irish People
  • Fr. D in The Hat
  • Must Be Early; They Look Rested
  • Servers Wearing Leo's Hats
  • Packed House
  • Everyone Enjoys the Music
  • Hardworking Kids
  • Irish Dancing and Music
  • Green Everywhere
  • Taking It Easy Before the Meal